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Texts show how Adam would physically and verbally abuse his ex wife. Photo / Imgur Photo / Imgur A woman who was beaten, sexually assaulted and verbally abused by her ex husband has shared screen grabs of their text message exchanges after turning him into authorities. On Monday, Imgur user KrissyKross uploaded six screenshots of text messages from her now ex-husband, Adam, that demonstrate his possessive and violent nature, reports Daily Mail. She says that during their relationship, he was violent and verbally abused her before she got the courage to leave and he was sentenced to eight months in prison. Now, three years later, she said sharing the messages is like a form of therapy and a way for her to finally receive closure. KrissyKross said Adam's violent tendencies started to be displayed after she underwent a rapid weight loss transformation, dropping from 200 pounds to roughly 120 pounds. He would wait outside of her workplace after her shifts ended, text her incessantly regarding her whereabouts, and ask that she send him photographic evidence she was staying with her mother. KrissyKross's Imgur post on May 1 went viral after she uploaded six text messages that documented the domestic violence she suffered at the hands of her now ex-husband Adam. Photo / Imgur Adam would constantly ask her to send updates on where she was and who she with, such as in this example when she was with her mother. Photo / Imgur According to the UK's National Domestic Violence Hotline, many partners don't exhibit their abusive behaviour until the later stages of a relationship. Five things that 20-somethings should know about saving for retirement Habits such as extreme jealousy, controlling a partner's social life, and hurting their pets as are all indicative of intimate partner abuse and violence - and KrissyKross' ex-husband กระเป๋า forever21 พร้อมส่ง facebook exhibited much of this abusive behavior. KrissyKross said Adam had a violent nature and would occasionally hit her, punch her or bite her.

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